safariLIVE - Sunrise safari - Dec. 22, 2016

22 Dec 2016 03:04:55 21
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Jump on the back and join a LIVE African Safari. Twice a day our expert guides invite you to come along and drive through the African bush in search of the Big Five as well as smaller animals.

Interact with your ranger by asking questions through #safarilive on Twitter or via email at

As of Tuesday, November 1:
The Sunrise drive runs from 05:00 to 08:00 local time, which means start times of 22:00 ET, 19:00 PT, 03:00 in the UK, 04:00 in Central Europe, and 14:00 Sydney time.

Our Sunset Safari runs from 16:00 - 19:00 local time, which means start times of 10:00 ET, 07:00 PT, 14:00 in the UK, 15:00 in Central Europe, and 01:00 Sydney time.

When safariLIVE isn't live, you can view the feed from the Djuma Waterhole camera, from the heart of Djuma Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sand/greater Kruger National Park area.

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