Tractor Tom - 29 Hide and Seek (full episode - English)

22 Jul 2016 10:44 40
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It’s a day for fun and games on the farm but when Rev gets stuck, it’s time to find Tractor Tom.

Tom and Buzz are helping Fi feed the animals. With this done Fi decides it’s time for her to take a well-earned day off. While Fi reads her book, the vehicles decide to have some fun by playing a game of hide and seek. The animals also play and Riff has trouble finding them all; that’s until he looks in the farmhouse! Tom isn’t very good at hiding so he makes himself a place amongst the hay bales. Meanwhile, Rev is so determined to hide around the back of the stables that he gets stuck on a wall. No one can find Tom, and even with everyone pulling together they can’t get Rev off of the wall. Tom eventually emerges from his hiding place and gives Rev an almighty pull and saves the day!

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Tractor Tom lives on Springhill Farm with Farmer Fi, Farmhand Matt and lots of friends.

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