Booley - Full Movie (Thriller)

29 Nov 2016 01:37:17 2
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Angus Booley is a man on the verge of a mental breakdown who discovers a self-help guru and starts to kill those who stand between him and happiness.
Tom Detrik (The Wish) plays Angus Booley, a family man on the verge of a mental breakdown. His wife is cheating on him, his job is being outsourced to India, and his daughter is being bullied by the oldest-looking high school student in the world (Gina Lynn, The Howard Stern Radio Show). But when Angus discovers self-help guru Jack Harrington (Christopher Mann, HBO's The Wire) and his best-selling DVDs, he starts to turn his life around, by murdering anyone who stands between him and happiness. After all, as Jack Harrington says, "You are a hammer ... they are the nails." This is a black, black comedy.

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