Some Americans are ignorant and proud 62 When was the war of 1812?

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Some Americans are ignorant and proud 62 When was the war of 1812 (lol epic wow best funny moments)
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1. I'm Not Arguing I'm Just Explaining Why I'm Right
2. Never Trust an Atom, they Make Up Everything
3. Duct Tape Can't Fix Stpid But It Can Muffle The Sound
4. They said Don't give up on your dreams so I went back to sleep.
5. Get Real Be Rational
6. Stand Back I'm Going to Try Science
7. I Love Science
8. George Carlin T-Shirt - Never Underestimate the power of Stpid People in Large Groups

Intro: Green Day - Too Dumb to Die
Outro: The D4 - Too Stupid
Simple Questions:
1. Hannibal crossed the Alps using what animals?
2. What is the freezing point of water?
3. What was the name of the ship that brought the pilgrims to America?
4. Who is the vice president of the United States?
5. Who is the leader of Russia?
6. What does EYES spell?
7. What is 38 + |-5| ?
8. Name the young boy that is raised by wolves in Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book?
9. Who is the youngest person that ever assumed the US presidency at age 42?
10. Which of the following is a famous French cooking school?
Moulin Rouge, Eiffel Tower, Cordon Bleu, Chicken a la King
11. What is: 0x2+1?
12. Identify this structure
13. How many fingers does a chicken have?
14. Homeowners buy surge protectors to protect them of what?
15. What is the population of the US?
16. You have two pentagons. How many sides do you have?
17. How many US states have the name that begin with New?
2, 3, 4, 5
18. Spell the word: Amateur.
19. Which continent below, the most hockey players come from?
20. What is the mascot of the democratic party?
21. How many seconds are in three minutes?
22. When was the War of 1812?
23. What is 7x12?
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