🔴Live!Shiny Eeveelutions Pick Any Pokemon You Want! Pokemon! Giveaway! Part 2! (Check Out My List!)

12 Aug 2018 02:01:36 10
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Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

-Rules You Have to be subscribe and like the stream to receive a Pokemon or enter tournaments!

-Once We Get In The Trade Tell Me Which Pokemon You Want

-Be Honest I Check Your Names For Subbing And Greed Purposes So Dont Try to Get Multiple Pokemon


Donate for free and send me messages!
Invite Code: YZO7P55R

Cinch Controllers Use Code "Idolization" For 5% Off Any Order

New Subs = 25 coins
Viewers = 10 coins every 5 minutes
Sponsors = double all coin values
Superchats = 100 coins for each dollar donated
Prizes: 750 coins = Priority Trade (1000) coins = Two trades in one stream! 5,000 Coins Any Pokemon Off My Events List

PSN: Idolization--
Xbox: tN Provoke

Donations Are Appreciated and your message is spoken on stream!

Sponsor My Stream :-) (Look At What you get below!!)

When you Sponsor you get
- Custom Emojis
- Cool Channel Badges
- TWO pokemon in all of my streams each month!
- 5 Pokemon off of my list
- Sponsor Only Streams (Once a Week) With Sponsor Chat On

Donator Rewards: (Not Required To Receive Pokemon)
3$ for the whole thumbnail of pokemon
1$ gets you an event off of my list
2$ gets you 2 events with items of your choice Or Thumbnail Special! Or Skip The Line (aka priority)
3$ gets you priority trades you always get traded first(one month) and your choice of 2 pokemon
5$+ gets you 4 mons + priority (two months) in all my streams(With Items Of Your Choice) And A Pokemon From The Current Event You Are Watching.
30$(20 Events all Ev trained.) Please Contact After Stream.
50$ Ultra Sun Or Ultra Moon + 10 Mons On my list
60$ 15 Pokemon off my list already in your Ultra Sun Or Moon game (Contact for shipping info)

My Events: Check em out!

If you dont see anything you like I have all legends and mythicals just ask!

Music By GlitchXCity! Check her out!

Very Important!:
All Nintendo Pokemon are the intellectual property of GameFreak Inc ..
I am not claiming the virtual property of the objects traded here.
The Pokemon itself therefore remain the property of GameFreak Inc

Go Join The Failmander Discord For More Pokemon Conversation/Youtubers! And An All Around Great Community!

Donation Song Copyright
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Cover design by Tyzayah Gold-Kiser
Photo by Taylor Smith
Produced by The FANS
Mixed by Joe Frye

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