Tesla Enhanced Autopilot Full Self Driving Test

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In the wake of major protest that are taking place in North Dakota over Dakota Access Oil Pipeline, one must ask, how low the big oil companies can go to preserve the status quo and continue with business as usual. Rights of Native Americans and their only source of clean water is being threatened by Big Oil companies, however, recently we’ve seen Big Oil getting really desperate in trying to protect their massive profits and federal subsidies, whilst avoiding paying tax through various financial schemes.

One can’t forget recent onslaught on Elon Musk and Tesla Motors in recent months Most recently Tesla Motors and Elon Musk were attacked when one of Tesla Model S caused a fatal accident supposedly due to issues with the car’s autopilot (image of not the actual accident).

The oil companies, majority of whom see Tesla Motors and Elon Musk as major threat to their survival tried unsuccessfully to curtail growth of electric cars this time. However Elon Musk isn’t the giving up type. Tesla Motors just showcased the latest improvements to self-driving Tesla Model S , showing improved autopilot.

And as a bonus Elon Musk has released more information on Solar Roof, which he now thinks will be cheaper than traditional roofs even before energy production is included in to the overall price.
Merger of SolarCity and Tesla Motors in to one full service company can only help and expand Tesla’s reach in car, battery storage and green energy generation market.

As of November 2016, 157000 Tesla Model S cars were sold worldwide, 72000 of these in US alone.
Elon Musk hopes to see Model S sales go up in 2017 and hit 100 000 Model S cars sold in a single year, with this number to quadruple in 2020 to around 500 000 units.
Model 3 sales before a single car left the factory in April stood at 374000, it is expected once production on Tesla’s Model 3 starts in mid to late 2017, Tesla Model 3 could become biggest selling cars in history of automotive industry, Tesla Model 3 is to be built in Gigafactory currently under construction in Nevada.

Oil had its heyday, time to step aside and let innovation and progress take place, clean energy and electric cars is the progress market and people demand, clean and green renewable energy is what world desperately needs, for there is only one Earth.

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