You're Mine,Only Mine//Original//Episode 6 (Finale)

13 Jun 2019 06:10 3,777
Kaitlyn Flames Download
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In this episode of "You're Mine,Only Mine",

Darius hipnotised Ava,and thought that she couldn't be rescued.But Ava doesn't need any rescuing,she can save herself.She defeats Darius and throws him in the prison of the underworld.

Ava wants to tell Gale that her heart belongs to Drake.But how?Of course,Drake being Drake he says that he'll do it.So he finds Gale,kissing another girl...

After graduating they got married.And they were crowned King and Queen...Life was perfect...One morning Ava wakes up feeling terribly sick, and that's when she discovers...She's pregnant

There won't be a season 2...there will be a mini movie!
And it's out! Heres the link:

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