Night Life in Hongdae! Food Tastes Better When U R Drunk!

29 Nov 2016 06:25 213
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My friends are traveling to South Korea for the first time and we are having too much fun in Myeongdong, Hongdae on first night in Seoul, South Korea!! Eating out and clubbing in Hongdae!!

Life as a foodie is the best! We traveled Korea and ate plenty for 2 nd season of amazing Life in Korea!! Thank you so much for love and support!!!

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Keunmam Halmae Sundaeguk Since 1937
큰맘 할매 순대국 1937
Tel. 1577-7511

This Soondae (Korean Blood Sausage) restaurant is all over in Korea. Visit their website ( to check the city you want to go!

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