Annie and Hayley SINGING Together (Bratayley)

11 Aug 2017 02:27 1,787
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Just a montage of Annie and Hayley LeBlanc singing together since they were little, it's so cute!! You don't get to hear Hayley sing that often, but she has a really good voice and I think with a little bit more practice, her voice could be even better! Who thinks Annie and Hayley should do a cover together?

ALSO, I'm so sorry about the annoying watermark, but I'm just sick of people stealing my edits. Even big accounts simply taking the easy road and taking part of my edits and then thinking I'm not noticing. It's ok to borrow a clip you can't find on your own and give CREDIT. It's not that hard. Literally 3 words - credits to ... But nope. The worst thing though is when people take THE WHOLE edit and just upload it on their own channel without any form of credit at all. I spent hours working on that, hours that I could've used on school, my family or friends. Then you simply upload it on your own channel in 5 minutes and claim it's yours...?? Well, I guess I'm flattered you like my edit so much you want it to be yours :)) Sorry for the long text, but I just can't stand it anymore. Please stop if you feel like this is meant for you.


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