ANOTHER CORGI PUPPY?! - Life After College: Ep. 331

04 May 2014 08:05 407
2,846 40

Corgi Puppies EVERYWHERE!! Life After College Episode 331


Features of this Episode:
- Gatsby Corgi climbs under bed again
- Going for a Morning Walk with the Corgi Puppy
- Corgi Puppy sits on the bench
- Driving to meet my friend's Corgi Puppy
- Puppy Riding in the car
- Migu and London (friend's puppies) meet Gatsby
- Corgi Puppies Playing
- Corgi Puppy Climbs Up and Down Stairs
- Exhausted Corgi Puppy
- Biocube Nano Reef Aquarium: Chemi Clean (Red Slime Algae) maintenance
- Old Roommate Aaron Plays with Gatsby
- Puppy almost done with bone
- Trader Joe's Grocery Haul
- Puppy gets a new raw hide stick
- Puppy loves its bed
- Puppy Loves to sleep on Bosu ball (and Bed)

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