Biology Careers - College Experience Duke University #ChetChat

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Click on this link for a video with Vidit Bhandarkar of Duke University talk of various career options with a Biology and Chemistry Major, his Duke experience, the need blind financial aid at Duke, Duke basketball, research opportunities, Greek life, food options, fun experience and lots more! Duke was known as Trinity College in North Carolina
1. 0:32 Basketball at Duke
a. School spirit at basketball season
2. 0:56 Academics
3. 1:06 Small to mid-sized batch with 1200-1300
4. 1:15 Housing – freshmen live together
5. 1:28 Work Hard Play Hard
6. 1:39 Research Opportunities at Duke
7. 2:25 Research in Psychology on abnormal psychology
8. 2:38 Major in Biology and Chemistry
9. 2:55 Duke Med
10. 3:10 Career Tracks with Biology
a. Pre-med / medicine
b. Research and Academia – Professor
c. Work with a Pharmaceutical Company
d. Bio Medical Engineering
e. Genetic Engineering
f. Forensic Research
g. Law – Bio Ethics
h. Patent Law
i. MBA – Hospital Management
j. Bio Technology combined with Genetic Engineering with Computer Science, Big Data
k. Consulting
l. Public Healthcare system
11. 6:44 He is looking at research and Academia
12. 7:01 How easy is it to get research opportunities at Duke
13. 7:45 Interesting courses – photography, archaeology of death
14. Trinity School of arts and Science
15. 8:30 Pratt Engineering School
16. 8:40 Need Blind Financial Aid at Duke – scholarships / merit based
17. 9:30 International Students at Duke
18. 9:36 Durham – Social Life / Greek Life / Selective Living Groups
19. 10:32 Housing at Duke
20. Sophomore Slump
21. 10:56 Food Options at Durham - Restaurants
22. 11:35 Commuting within Durham. Buses, Public transport
23. 11:52 Raleigh is the closes large city
24. 12:31 College Campus bubble
25. 12:37 Construction at Duke Campus – chapel is restored, central campus is getting redone
26. 13:11 Basketball rivalry with UNC – University of North Carolina
27. Tenting for tickets to the game

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