Mysterious Things Discovered Frozen in Ice

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From unbelievable prehistoric animals such as the woolly mammoth to actual treasure, here are the most mysterious things discovered frozen in ice!

5 Fish Lizards
There is nothing quite like finding prehistoric marine reptiles essentially frozen in time, well thats whats happened at melting glacier in 2014 in southern chile. Four different species of the extinct ichthyosaurs were discovered, a total of 46 specimens were unearthed...or rather deiced. The name ichthyosaurs loosely translates from greek to mean “fish lizards”, a fitting name for this prehistoric beast. The animals had lived during the mesozoic era go back as far 90 to 245 million years ago. The theory behind this particular find is that the fish lizards were caught in a huge mudslide, killed and then became preserved in the sediments. As the glacier began to melt the specimens became exposed. One way to describe the way these guys look is that they are like giant dolphins of today. The have bodies like torpedos with long tooth filled snouts and the largest of the specimens found were more than 5 meters long, 16 feet! The beauty of finding them in ice, is just how well preserved they were, with some of their soft tissue still intact, heck one of the females contained an embryo. Other ichthyosaur discovers were very meger compared to this, finding only remnants of skeletons. Access to this incredible discovery was not a walk in the park researchers had to drive for five hours, hike for up to 12 hours to a camp and then hike another two hours just get to the frozen specimens, and of course the driving and hiking conditions were subpar to say the least, oh what people will do for science.
4 Tunic
The beautiful mountains of Oppland, a county in Norway has unearthed some 2,000 artifacts. The area was once a major throughway for people during the iron, having thousands of people walking through with livestock every year. As I said a moment ago many artifacts have been found as the glaciers melt more and more each year. But in 2011 a very interesting find was made, a tunic. This tunic was dated to be as old as 390 CE or the iron age (common era for those that don’t know what CE is, this is the same as AD *wink*). Funny enough, the crumpled up tunic was covered in ancient horse poo as well. What makes this find an interesting one is what the piece of clothing tells us about textile manufacturing in that part of the world during the iron age. The wool tunic was quite well manufactured and gives a glimpse into the rarely found well preserved cold weather textiles of the iron age.
4 Seeds
I don’t know about you but I have one heck of a time trying to keep a simple house plant alive, I mean who has time to water a plant?! Well could you imagine trying to take that several steps further and resurrect and species of plant? Well how about 32 thousand year old seeds? The seeds in question were found in ice (duh) tucked aways by a squirrel, don’t worry, it was an ice age squirrel. Along the Kolyma river in Siberia (here we go again with Siberia) Russian researchers found a swath frozen seeds that were 38 meters (124 feet) beneath the permafrost. My question is how they actually knew they were there?! Incredibly, the seeds were so well preserved that they were able to plant them and grow new plants which eventually flowered and produced new seeds, making this the oldest plant resurrection in human history. The new plants were genetically identical to the S. stenophylla flower but with differing flower shapes.
3 Treasure
2 Giant Virus
1 Woolly Mammoth

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