15 BIGGEST and Most BIZARRE Machines in the World

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From the huge mechanical spider roaming around to the strange inventions known as the biggest fart machine ever, these are weird!

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9. Tesla Tower
During the Soviet Era, the Russian military built this strange and scary looking machine to test the effects of lightning on vehicles. The tower was also meant to study the possibility of turning electro- magnetic pulses into weapons. The gigantic impulse generator is one of the most powerful on earth and is capable of discharging, for microseconds, as much energy as all other energy producing facilities in Russia combined.

8. Tiger Stone
Workers place bricks into this impressive machine, and it automatically sorts them into a pattern and lays them, creating a road and giving it the nickname of Road Printer. Tiger Stone is a very well made machine. It doesn’t have very many moving parts meaning it’s amazingly quiet. The paving machine costs around ninety thousand dollars to make and comes with width sizes of 13,16 and 20 feet.

7. BelAZ 75710
This humongous dump truck is the world’s largest and has the highest payload capacity of any vehicle in its class. The vehicle has two diesel generators and 4,600 horsepower. The 75710 was also designed to save power. When the truck carries a load it has two engines going, but when the truck is going to pick its burden up it only uses one engine. Belarus manufacturer BelAZ had to create a new facility just to construct the mammoth machines. The company sent the first completed model to the Kuznetsk Basin in southwestern Siberia, one of the largest coal mining areas in the world in 2013.

6. Giant Machines 2017
If you are really into big machines and have made it this far into the video, this new video game is perfect for you. The simulation game allows you to take control of the biggest machines on earth in a campaign that takes you from the snowy landscapes of Greenland to a space station. Computer entertainment provider Steam has the game available online for 20 bucks.

5. La Princesse
This enormous mechanical spider made its way towards Liverpool’s Concourse House from the Salthouse Dock a la Will Smith in the Wild Wild West remake, minus the cannon’s, on September 5, 2008, to the delight and horror of onlooking spectators. The fifty-foot tall machine was designed and operated by a French company as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations. Japan also borrowed the machine and put it on display for the 150th anniversary of the port opening in Yokohama.

4. Texas’ Earth Mover
Holding the Guinness World Record for Biggest Earth Mover lands Texas-based LeTourneau’s L-2350 Loader on this list. The operational weight of this grand machine is 258 tons, and its payload is a ridiculous 160 thousand pounds. It comes with a 2,300 horsepower Diesel engine that lies in an engine compartment the size of a caravan. The fuel tank holds over a thousand gallons of diesel and the beast stands 44 feet at its apex. The L-2350 is one of the most impressive pieces of machinery on earth.

3. Big Bertha
The world’s largest tunnel boring machine stands five stories tall, is 326 feet longs and weighs nearly 7,000 tons. Located in Seattle, Washington, Big Bertha gets its name from one of the cities early mayors. The machine can create 35 feet of tunnel a day while removing debris on a conveyor belt system, essentially cleaning its mess as it goes. Remarkably the device can install concrete panels as it works, building a finished tunnel in one efficient and convenient step. The machine is just over halfway through a planned viaduct replacement that was supposed to be finished in December of 2015. Damages to Big Bertha and a sinkhole have stalled the project.

2. Bagger 293
Built in Germany in 1995 this bucket wheel excavator is the largest land vehicle by weight in the world. RWE Power AG, the second largest energy producer in Germany uses the machine in a coal mine near Hambach. The impressive piece of equipment stands a record 315 feet tall, is 738 feet long, weighs 31 million pounds and needs five people to operate. Its output is as remarkable as its measurements. The excavator can move 240,000 cubic meters of soil daily.

1. Large Hadron Collider
While big wheel excavators are giant pieces of machinery, they are not the biggest on earth. The Large Hadron Collider is the single largest piece of machinery in the world. The European Organization for Nuclear Research collaborated with thousands of scientists from around the world between 1998 and 2008 to build the collider. The purpose of building the LHC is to allow researchers to test different particle physics theories as well as other unsolved questions concerning physics. The machine lies in a 17-mile wide tunnel and sits 574 feet below Switzerland at its deepest point.

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