Mountain Lion Hunting Permit Sparks Outrage In Malibu

02 Dec 2016 01:10 1
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Malibu ranch owner Victoria Vaughn-Perling has angered the California community of Malibu by obtaining a rare 10-day permit to shoot and kill a mountain lion that has been killing her livestock. After finding 10 of her alpacas dead over the weekend, Vaughn-Perling requested-and received the permit from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to hunt and kill the mountain lion - dubbed P-45. News of the permit set off a social media firestorm, angering animal lovers, locals, and park rangers hoping to protect the species. Hundreds of complaints flooded the offices of wildlife officials, with a Wednesday workshop intended for residents to learn to protect their livestock hijacked by animal activists outraged by the permit. Vaughn-Perling, who had planned to attend the meeting before fear of death threats kept her home, told The Associated Press she has tried numerous strategies to protect her alpacas, including motion lights and electrified fencing, but said that P-45 "seems to enjoy the slaughter."

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