Season your stainless steel pan the fastest way

30 Mar 2017 05:34 122
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Make your stainless steel pan non-stick for easy cooking of fried eggs and other foods. Flax seed oil is one of best and the seasoning is done in about 20 minutes. Fried eggs are then cooked to show the non-stick result.

Before seasoning, clean the pan thoroughly and dry it thoroughly. Applying a low heat on the stove before seasoning, helps make sure it is dry.

Once the pan is seasoned, after cooking, use hot water to clean and rinse, then wipe dry with a paper towel. Keep away from using liquids in the pan to best preserve the non-stick surface.

If braising sticky food, like cassava (yuca) or bean curd, use a regular non-seasoned stainless steel pan for the braising part.

It is not necessary to bake your pan in the oven, taking hours over the process.

The method shown here is based on past experience seasoning steel woks with the same approach but using safflower or canola oil. That wok method came from Singaporean traditional wok cooking know how.

Some approaches to seasoning make my hair stand on end as people heat up their pans to crazy temperatures which seems pretty dangerous.

People use other oils for seasoning, so if you don't have flax seed, I'd go ahead and use canola or some other oil. Olive oil seems to be frowned on for this process but I cannot find any convincing reason why. This whole pan seasoning area is fraught with misinformation, so I'd recommend the simplest, fastest method and see how it goes for you.

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