Gold Candle -Serious Riches, Wealth & Prosperity Spell

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Serious Riches, Wealth & Prosperity Spells ......

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"Gold Candles" ......

10 - 12" one (1/ $10 or 4/ $22)

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Fast money spells Gold Candle, I offer more many variety Money spells of course these rituals are Very effective as there is more energy put into this type of ritual, these start at $100 + up

Money is a necessity in everyone's lives and you shouldn't deny that! Don't you want more money to come your way? If you do you shouldn't settle for anything less than My most powerful money spells! CONTACT ME! ariel or

Here are some examples of money spells I provide:

Get a better cash flow - Does all your money seem to disappear after paying the monthly bills? Change that with this spell, $99

General money luck - Some people seems to attract good deals and unexpected income all the time. They probably had this spell cast, $109

Get rid of debts - Is the credit card company chasing you? Do you owe money to your landlord and can't pay it? Wouldn't it be nice to get a clean start? Order this spell and experience it for yourself, $119

Win money on online gambling - Poker, betting or online slot machines are no problem for you while under the influence of this spell, $119

Win money on lotteries etc. - Lotteries, Powerball, Mega millions or keno are some examples of gambling which this spell handles. Try it, $119

Win the jackpot of any lottery etc. of your choice - Don't wait for Mr. or Mrs. Fortune! Do something for yourself $120

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