RIP JVN: 93 'til Infinity; Configa on the Beat Tribute to John Vietnam

02 Mar 2013 03:17 56
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Track "Need Wisdom" John Vietnam and Configa

Background: What started out as an entry for a competition I ran last year to win a place on my album (which John Vietnam won pretty unanimously via the panel - see my associated competition video for reference) - quickly became something WAY more, due to JVN's extremely untimely passing, very shortly after. Sadly, we never had time to record the track properly, so his entry, entitled "Need Wisdom", stands alone as one of the tracks (even though it's just one verse) that I'm most proud of in my career. This kid was set to blow, I knew it, and everyone who knew him, or of him, knew it. It's just an honor to have his vocals bless my beat, bearing in mind what happened shortly afterwards. Anyway, he was a great guy, and understood hip-hip as a CULTURE rather than as just some disposable trash. I'm a hip-hop academic, with a PhD, and this skinny teenager could hold his own with me in a debate - amazing! I just wish we had more 19 year old's like him to carry the flame. Rest In Power - John Vietnam. Rapper, Poet, B-Boy, Scholar.

Shout Out to Strife.TV who approached me about this tribute, and about hooking them up with the music. A BIG shout out goes to the Chicago B-Boys (and Girls) who held it down for JVN in this video, reppin' for his home-town, as he himself always did. Peace.