30 Unusual Beds Not Only For Sleep You've Never Seen Before

10 Sep 2018 10:14 5,416
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Leaving your bed to go to work or school is one of life’s hardest struggles. Let's take a look at some of the most unusual beds that you’ve never seen before.
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Be Amazed by these unusual beds you've never seen before! Book Bed - This Bed was designed by Yusuke Suzuki to combat the lack of space often found in urban apartment blocks in Japan. La Montana Rusa - Cinema Bed - Polish company iNyx markets this as “the world’s most advanced bed” and it’s easy to see why. Outdoor Mosquito Net Hammock Bed - Most people love spending time in their garden during the summer months, but this can often be ruined by pesky bugs such as mosquitos. VW Camper Bed - Designed by Circu – Magical Furniture, this VW Camper van replica is called the “Bun Van” and was inspired by the Disney film Cars.

Faz Daybed - Self-making Bed - Flottua Bed - This bed makes use of a visual illusion to make it appear as if its levitating. Floating Hammock Bed - This isn't a hammock, or a bed: it’s a bit of both. Giant Birds Nest Bed - This bed is every bit as strange as its name suggests: it’s giant size replica of a birds nest. Feel Seating System Deluxe - Yin and Yang Bed - Based on the Chinese Yin and Yang symbol, this bunk bed has space for two people. Hamburger Bed - Vertical Bed - Geometric Bed - If you thought this was an art installation rather than a bed, I don’t blame you. Le Beanock - This hammock bed is unique in both design and features. Letto Zip - Designed by Italian company Florida Furniture, this is another bed which allows you to ditch those bed-making chores. Magnetic Floating Bed - This is no illusion- this bed floats for real. BedBunker - Sonic Bed - Phat Knits - ITBed - Doc Sofa Bunk Bed - Fetal Position Bed - Brush Bed - Therapy Bed - Tranquility Pod - Barrel Bed - If you’re a fan of beer, then this bed is perfect for you because it gives you the chance to sleep like the brewmasters of the past. Water Bed - Everyone's heard of water beds, but what about a bed that’s surrounded by water? Ice Bed - If you’ve heard of the IceHotel in Sweden, then this may not come as too much of a surprise.

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