Student Vs. Teacher (2019)

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Parent Teacher Conference GETS REAL in 2019. The battle of students vs teachers is centuries old. Find out how this one ends. Video done in collaboration with the Sharjah Government Media Bureau of UAE.
Cast & Crew below:
Written and Performed by Prince Ea (@Prince_Ea)
Directed by 2Sharp (@2sharp__)
Shot by @ChangeForBalance (Roddy Tabatabai and John McCarthy)
Music by Hannah Parrott (@_therealhp)
Produced by Luca Fox & 2Sharp
Edited by ChangeForBalance and 2Sharp (Spencer Sharp aka Dispencery7)
Graphics by Hodja D. Berlev
Colored by Roddy Tabatabai Muck-BluePinch (@Rodpadre)
Line Produced by: George Vasiliadis
BTS by Joel Weaver (@joelweaverfilms) & Vlog by Luca Fox
Special Thanks to: Well-being coordinator Mitchel Robertson and Queensland's Marsden State High School, Uplift's Bharat Mitra, Bhavani Lev, Jeni Rose, Leon, Marsha & Dr. Bruce Lipton, Brijbala, Dorothy, Kevin Billett, Elijah Chante, Haifa
Casting by 2Sharp & Luca Fox
Chelsea Dodds (@chels_dodds)
Shirley Pierce as Mom, James Kearney, Wade Harrison as Teacher, Jennifer Alliston, Miyuki Budd, Samuel Mikha, Rohana King (@rohanaalise), Rene Lefeuvre (@Renesmusic), Alexander Andersen (@areking_ball), Chentelle Chua
Special thanks to Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and all the Teachers and schools around the world that continue to promote creative environments for students.

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