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We talk often about how therapists and other mental health professionals can be terrible at their jobs, but today I want to offer up some ways to know if you are seeing a good therapist!1. You feel like you are on the same team and that they are trustworthy. This is important for building the therapeutic relationship and knowing that they are someone we can talk to and who wants to help us. 2. Healthy boundaries! you knew this one was coming! Boundaries are SO very important in therapy because it keeps you and your therapist emotionally safe. It also ensures that therapy is a safe place for you to be challenged and work through all of the tough things that you may not have been able to work on before. 3. Your therapist is a clear communicator. It is so important that they are able to clearly tell you what's going on, what you are working on, and directly communicate with you anything they are concerned about. Communication is the key to therapy as a whole. 4. They can help thoughtfully explain and help you understand all that you are feeling (ie. your symptoms). This can be so validating! Having someone finally put into words all that we may have been going through. This is so important in therapy, and I believe every good therapist should be able to do this as they get to know you and hear what you are struggling with. 5. Works with you to develop a clear treatment plan. This ensures that you aren't wasting your time or money in therapy. We should always be working on clear goals with our therapist and not just talking to fill the space. Checking in is okay for the first few minutes, but then you should turn your focus to your treatment goals. Having a treatment plan helps keep us on track! 6. They clearly communicate progress being made and check into see that you agree. It's so important to know that we are making progress in therapy. Otherwise, we can get so lost and not motivated. Having a therapist check in on progress made can keep us motivated and focused on our treatment goals. Please share! You never know who may need this helpful information! xoxOther therapy videos:
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