OnePlus updates coming and FitBit buying Pebble? | #PNWeekly 229

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This week we're looking at some of the issues facing the OnePlus 3 and 3T. We'll chat about FitBit buying Pebble, and return to that nearly dried up well of Windows Phone rumors. Can Microsoft (and HP) mount a come back in mobile phones? All these stories, plus we'll tackle your tech questions, so make sure you're charged and ready for the Pocketnow Weekly!

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Special Segment: OnePlus, updates and fixes

OnePlus 3T touch latency is a hot topic, but is it being blown out of proportion (partly by us)? If it is an issue, OnePlus claims they'll fix it after they release Nougat updates. That Nougat update is currently an open BETA for folks who want to give it a spin. Will these fixes and updates arrive in a timely fashion? Previous issues like RAM management and display accuracy point to fast fixes.


Will FitBit buy Pebble? What might this mean for Juan's Kickstarter Time 2 pre-order???
Are the internal problems at Cyanogen too large to overcome?
Pixel estimates point to healthy sales in 2017.
HP looking to produce Elite X3 sequel for consumers. Does that mean "mid-range" hardware shift?
Rumors continue to point to Surface Phone prototypes and improved X86 emulation.
CNN buys Beme. Immediately shuts it down to change it.
Huzzah! Offline viewing arrives for Netflix tablet and smartphone apps!
Motorola must have been listening to our podcast, as plans are being discussed to deliver a Tango Moto Mod for the Moto Z.


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