Check out those colors! Urban Armor Gear Plasma Review for the iPhone 7

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The Urban Armor Gear Plasma is a decent clear case that keeps your iPhone in your hand. Which is something most clear cases won't do.

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The standout feature of the Urban Armor Gear Plasma is the actual design and texture of the case. There is a lot for your fingers to hold onto and thank goodness Urban Armor Gear got rid of the cutouts on the back.

There are a couple things that really sticks out like a thumb for us are these shock cushions which Urban Armor Gear considers one of the layers of protection. Also, what is the deal with the bottom of the case?

For my Urban Armor Gear Plasma review, I’ve given this case a score of 3.8 Eh’s out of 5. It scores better than the average iPhone case at 3.7 Eh’s out of 5. I like this case a little better than the Urban Armor Gear Plasma but it’s a far cry from the Monarch, currently #2 on our top 10 list.

At MoibleReview Eh, we base eveything we do an actual usage. And part of this usage is the scoring system we use to ensure that we consistently rate all the products. Another part of this usage is making fun of the marketing fluff on a product. And the other part is seeing if we’re comfortable our own devices in the cases.

Some of you might like the design of the Plasma. Some of you might not. There is a lot going on with the case but at the end of the day, the Plasma is a transparent case that comes in several different colors. The case is a smidge thicker than the the average case but isn’t as wide.

The iPhone fits well in the case but is there is almost barely any friction between the front and backs of the case to keep it from sliding around. The Plasma doesn’t show a lot of the scratches that will occur on other clear cases because of the coloured shell and all the designs on the back. The iPhone handles well in the Plasma.

Now I’m a big fan of efficiency. But the headphone cutout on the bottom of the case seems really out of place. I know it’s way more efficient to make a case that fits both devices but it looks sloppy on the iPhone 7.

For protection, the case is Mil-Std 810G but they don’t specify a height which we’ll assume to be at least 4ft. The corners could probably take more but I personally can vouch that it can take a face plant at 4ft.

Now the one thing I don’t quite understand are the shock cushions on the back of the case. I’m not sure what they’re protecting exactly. They don’t extend far enough to sit on a flat surface and there aren’t enough of them to ensure that an odd drop on the back of the iPhone is going to land on a shock nubbin. I don’t knock points off for marketing fluff but this is odd to me. Also, Urban Armor Gear says it’s Apple Pay compatible. What?

Accessing your iPhone is a breeze in the case. The buttons are large but don’t fully cover the iPhone. The edges don’t get in the way of the screen and you have room to plug-in your headphones into headphone jack-less iPhone 7.

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