Perfecting the Black Acrylic Ombré

27 Sep 2018 27:30 807
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Suzie creates a beautiful Acrylic Black Ombré, also called a Fade.This thorough Step by Step video is packed with great information for all nail enthusiasts.

Products Featured in this video:

Color Blend Collection
by Glam and Glits Nail Design

Colors used:
Black Mail - BL3048
Honey Luv - BL3011

Fuzion Forms
by Fuzion Gel

Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commission from sales. Some of the products were sent to Suzie to try, and she is sharing her experience with her viewers. Links to products are provided as a courtesy to Suzie's viewers who are interested in finding the products online.


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24:21 Just A Glimpse by Stephen Keech
26:52 Sunshine Sally by Mikey Geiger and Matt Wigton

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