Mitsubishi DT-156 Multi-Tape Auto Changer Cassette Deck

04 Jan 2015 02:41 14
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Mitsubishi manufactured this ultra-high-tech deck in 1985-1986 to give the cassette format a fighting chance in the exploding compact disc market. This computerized unit holds seven tapes in a file bay and plays them in continuous order. You can also program the unit to play particular tracks. A second cassette deck is located to the right of the changer deck, which is used for recording and quick manual play. The DT-156 is essentially a cassette version of a CD changer, and though Mitsubishi made a few other auto changer models like this one, the technology just never caught on with consumers. I never even knew these existed until recently! The "NEXT" button is used to skip through tapes loaded in the file drawer, and this video shows the unit performing this function. Please subscribe to our channel to see lots of cool old things that do stuff. This item may be for sale, check our eBay store for availability... Visit our website to see tons of vintage electro-junk and other fun retro artifacts...

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