Overview of Three Areas of Research by the OCLC Research Library Partnership

30 May 2018 58:57 0
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Roy Tennant, Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research

Chela Weber, Research Practitioner in Residence, OCLC Research

Rebecca Bryant, Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research

Constance Malpas, Strategic Intelligence Manager and Research Scientist, OCLC Research

Slides available here: https://www.oclc.org/research/events/2018/05-23.html


This one-hour webinar will provide an overview of three areas of ongoing work with the Research Library Partnership (RLP), with time for questions and discussion. The areas are: our new research and learning agenda for archives and special collections, research information management, and the university futures, library futures project. Roy Tennant will serve as host, joined by experts in the highlighted areas. Please view this as a chance to become informed and to learn about any engagement opportunities in any of these areas in the coming year. Although these topics and this time were chosen specifically for our partners in the Asia Pacific region, others are most warmly welcome to join in.

New Archives and Special Collections Agenda
Between May and August 2017, OCLC Research engaged in an open, community-facing process to develop a practitioner-based view of challenges and opportunities related to special collections and archives in research libraries. Chela Scott Weber will walk through the resulting position paper, "Research and Learning Agenda for Archives, Special, and Distinctive Collections in Research Libraries," intended as a map with many potential routes for exploration between OCLC and allied institutions.

Research Information Management
Research information management (RIM) is the aggregation, curation, and utilization of metadata about research activities. Institutional RIM adoption, in tandem with activities by publishers, funders, and libraries, can help to reliably connect a complex scholarly communications landscape of researchers, affiliations, publications, datasets, grants, projects, and persistent identifiers. OCLC Research, in collaboration with RLP librarians and external organizations like LIBER and euroCRIS, has been engaged in an arc of research into library engagement with research information management practices. In this presentation, Rebecca Bryant will briefly discuss these research efforts, and provide an early glimpse of responses from Pacific Rim institutions from the Survey of Research Information Practices, which will be published later this year.

University Futures, Library Futures
The global higher education market is undergoing rapid transformation as colleges and universities compete for increasingly scarce "traditional" applicants. How will changes in educational directions and enrollment profiles impact the organization of academic libraries? For the last year, OCLC Research has been examining this question with a mixed methods analysis of 1500 US colleges and universities. In this presentation, Constance Malpas will provide an overview of the methods and findings from our University Futures, Library Futures project and discuss potential applications to other higher education systems.

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