How To Culture Mosquito Larvae (Fish Food)

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Now I'll Show You How To Culture Mosquito Larvae For Fish Food.

[Q] : Why you feed the larvae with fish food (catfish food). why You not just feed your fish with that "fish food" ?

[A] : My fish food are expired (spoiled) so I want to recycle it with giving it to the larvae, the larvae can eat it then My fish get food from eat the larvae.

[Q] : Why You culture Mosquito Larvae ! they are deadliest animal on earth ! and they can cause disease that can kill you !

[A] : Yes they are deadliest animal and can cause disease "IF" you culture them with "CARELESS" (I Note it Bellow). If you Culture It will "CARE" and "Carefully" you will get the positive results.

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Note : (Please Read Carefully)

Please check your local regulation before culture this mosquito larvae. I culture this larvae because I have a lot of fish to eat the larvae. If you just have some fish better don't culture this larvae, because one starter can attract a thousand of mosquito to lay eggs in your culture media.

Don't ever try to culture this larvae If you careless or busy (don't have time) to monitor the culture, it will make a disaster in your area or even that will bring a disease form larvae that change into adult mosquito.

to prevent that you can do "close culture" that mean you change the starter container every day to prevent a larvae that already hatch in there. and raising the mosquito eggs in the closed container culture.

the big note from culturing this mosquito is they need 7 days or even less than 6 days from eggs to become adult mosquito. so you need to always monitor the culture twice a day and if you see any larvae become pupae, you must harvest all the larvae in that container. this is very important to prevent them become adult mosquito.

if you have lot of larvae and your fish didn't eat it all, you can save it in the freezer it will kill the larvae and you can feed it to your fish in another day. if you don't have any freezer you better throw it in the ground at least they will die and didn't become adult mosquito.

for the last note. We didn't responsible all consequence if you culture your own mosquito larvae. We already explain it. so all the decision is yours.

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