EmilianoCyrus|EC一平 age10 witnessed the glory of the Frog Prince return, China 22Apr2019

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I was invited to China to witness the glory of the Frog Prince return, the collaboration of Frog Prince 青蛙王子and Anzheng Fashion Group安正时尚集团 (a high-end luxury brand) to successfully step foot in the international market. Frog Prince is one of China’s famous children clothing brand and they launched their Frog Prince 2019 Winter Collection. The glory, the return of Frog Prince! 青蛙王子归来的荣耀! 见证青蛙王子与安正时尚的相遇! 强强连手,迈向国际! 继续打造第五季中国好宝贝! Also, I launched the “2019 China Baby” Talent Competition “中国好宝贝” 才艺大赛, a stage for multi-talented children from China to showcase their unique talents with my 2 songs, “The Closest Embrace” and “Chasing Stars”. This is not only a large-scale talent competition for children, but also a journey of growth, maybe even a once in a lifetime opportunity. This competition was first launched in 2015, and the competition has entered its 5th year. Being there, I could see hopes in the participants eyes and I am extremely happy to see that children still come forward to pursue their dreams. I hope to inspire the generation of today in pursuing their talents and continue being involved with this talent competition for the years to come and hope their passion can contribute positively to our society. P.S Just when you thought my weekend was all about racing, this Sunday midnight after podium ceremony in Malaysia, midnight flight to Shanghai reaching on Monday morning, for performance at night after afternoon rehearsals. After which I caught the midnight flight again, arrived on Tuesday in time for school at 7am. The life of an artist is anything but glamorous.

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