Kindness Boomerang Tour: East Coast (Sterling, VA)

14 Dec 2017 01:39 2
17 3

#KindnessBoomerang Tour East Coast hits Sterling, Virginia! It was a day of kindness, positivity, connection and dialogue at Newton School as we kicked off the second leg of the Kindness Boomerang Tour. Students and teachers shared their thoughts about kindness, why they think it's important and how the work of Life Vest Inside is making a difference:) From there we headed to Salisbury, Maryland! We have an entire jam packed week of kindness ahead of us!

You can help us continue our journey and be a part of the change we are creating! Contribute towards our Indiegogo campaign at

Thank you to our Kindness Backers and national sponsors for making this possible: iHome, Atria Media Group, CourtSense, Heffernan Insurance Brokers!

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