A Cute Keloid Treated with Cryoshape

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Keloids occur most often on the earlobes, the chest, back, and upper arms. It is when scar tissue from an episode of "trauma" gets hyperexcited and grows beyond the bounds of the original wound. Usually a person knows when their keloid is active because it itches or is painful
Treatment is difficult and recurrence is common. Simply excising a keloid is not usually recommended because "trauma" itself is definitely a causative factor
In this case, I use a cryoshape cannula connected to liquid nitrogen. When this cannula is inserted into the center of a keloid it freezes the keloid from the inside out. Essentially, inducing frostbite, in the attempt to destroy the cells comprising the keloid. This is a painless procedure and after treatment the keloid will turn black or at least swell and shrivel and shrink, which will take a few weeks. Hopefully it will then fall off and not grow back. However, sometimes more than one treatment is required. I often pair this cryoshape treatment with injections of corticosteroid. This is done to try to suppress the keloid cells from growing. This can take multiple treatments but in combination with cryoshape is pretty effective In removing these types of keloids, particularly the type that grow from the ear.
In this vid I also mention "CNH" which stands for Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Helices which is a benign but painful type of growth on the ear that is caused but chronic pressure placed on a particular part of the ear. For example sleeping on one side and pushing on a particular area of the ear while lying down, or even wearing a helmet or earphones that consistently press on a part of the ear-- this pressure blocks blood flow to a part of the ear and causes some irritation or even localized destruction of cartilage creating a painful bump. Treatment is preventing the pressure that causes CNH. Do you know there are special pillow you can buy that have holes in them so when you sleep your ear fits in this hole so that there is no pressure?

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