Tractor Tom - 36 Rora's Monster (full episode - English)

10 Aug 2016 10:44 18
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Rora tells the gang that monsters don’t exist and that motorbikes aren’t scared of anything. But everyone is scared of something…

Rora says that monsters don’t exist, but once Dusty makes her jump, it is clear that Rora is actually a little scared of them. That night in the barn, Rora hardly sleeps at all as she jumps at every noise she hears. The next morning Tom tells Rora that he is scared of the dark and that being a little afraid is nothing to be embarrassed by. Eventually, Buzz and Tom show Rora that sometimes the best thing to do is to face your fears and that you should let pride get in the way of being honest.

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Tractor Tom lives on Springhill Farm with Farmer Fi, Farmhand Matt and lots of friends.

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