Let's play - Rocket Knight Adventures and more feat. guests! - (LIVE Friday 3rd August 2018 8pm BST)

04 Aug 2018 02:59:22 8
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Live stream starts at 6:04
Rocket Knight Adventures starts at 11:54
Puyo Puyo Tsu starts at 58:44
World Cup Italia '90 starts at 1:42:01
James Pond 2 starts at 1:56:29
Micro Machines 2 starts at 2:03:55
Mini Sonic in Sonic 1 starts at 2:09:58
Rocket Knight Adventures resumes at 2:20:37


I wanted to test out the framemeister. A device that allows me to play my games on real hardware (the Mega Drive/Genesis) and record footage from it in high quality. Which means this is not emulated. No save states will save me here; am I up for the challenge which Rocket Knight Adventures brings to the table?

Main Live Chat Rules:
- Please do not ask for me to play any games in the live stream; an agenda has already been made
- Please do not spam or advertise
- Please respect the moderators' wishes to avoid getting a Time-Out
- Please do not ask to be noticed or for a shout-out. Contributing to the conversation in hand may help you get recognised! :D

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