ECG - EKG Interpretation

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In this video about ECG - EKG Interpretation, you will learn in detail about:
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ECG - EKG Interpretation
Fundamentals of ECG
What is Electrocardiography
Function of Electrical activity in ventricular myocardium
Resting membrane potential - definition and function
Threshold Potential - Definition and How to Determine THP
Gap Junction (electrical windows) between adjacent myocardial cells
How ECG Interpretation Machine (galvanometer) Records Electrical Activity of the Heart?
galvanometer - introduction and Functions
How Cardiac Vectors Represents the Electrical Activity of the Myocardium
Electrical Activity of the Heart (fast conduction VS Slow conduction)
Stimulation of Myocardial Tissues With Slow Electrical Conduction
Stimulation of Myocardial Tissues with Fast Electrical Conduction
Conversion of Electrical Events into Cardiac Vector and Then into ECG Pattern in One Cardiac Cycle
Function of AV Node (Atrioventricular node) - A Modified Myocardium
AV Node (Slow conduction system) VS Purkinje System (Fast conduction system)
Why AV Node is Slow Conduction System?
Why Purkinje System is Fast Conduction System?
3 Steps of Ventricular Depolarization Occurrence
Septal Depolarization
Ventricular Depolarization
Basal Depolarization
Atrial Repolarization
Summary of Electrical Events in the Heart During One Cardiac Cycle
Fluctuation of the Needle Due to Electrical Events in the Heart During One Cardiac Cycle
Repolarization of Heart
Why Outer Myocardium Repolarizes First?
Repolarization Vector
Terminologies Used in ECG Interpretation
QRS Complex
ECG Waves - Overview and its Types
P wave
QRS complex
T wave
ECG Segments - Overview and its Types
PR segment
ST segment
ECG Intervals - Overview and its Types
PR interval
QRS interval
QT interval
U wave
Calculation of Time and Duration of Waves, Segments and Intervals of ECG - EKG Patterns
ECG Reading of Normal Heartbeat and Heart Rhythm of 72 beats per minute (bpm)
P wave
PR segment
PR interval
QRS complex
QT interval

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