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I've answered the call from YouTube Channel "Creator Insider" with my gold nugget tip for helping grow your small YouTube channel.

Here I discuss networking with bands (musicians) and how it helped grow my channel.

One thing I did not discuss but I think is important is the fact that during my process with the band "The Stupid Robots" is how they tagged loads of people to get them involved. This is part of why things took off.

To learn more of what we do here at Stupid Robot Fighting League, please check out one of our fight videos.

Cheers. I hope this helps your channel.

Thanks to John and Geoff from http//thatonesportsshow.com for their awesome commentating. Listen to their podcast for the latest in American Sports.

We are funded by http://robotfightingshop.com
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Music thanks to Grant Marshall https://www.facebook.com/TheNorthernOutpostBand/

Businesses we love:
Get Cultured http://getcultured.co.nz/en/
BurgerFuel https://www.burgerfuel.com/nz
Mitre10 Te Puke https://www.mitre10.co.nz/store-locator/?branchId=T15
Giggle Entertainment https://gogiggle.nz/
Sades Gaming Headsets New Zealand https://www.facebook.com/SADESNZLTD/

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Equipment I use: GoPro Hero 4 Black http://amzn.to/2fZXeJM
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Stupid Robot Fighting League is a funny new sport from Te Puke, New Zealand.

In it's simplest form, two robots with no robotics are controlled by poles attached to their hands, feet and head.

They beat up the other robot. It's lots of fun. If one robot's head is removed it's counted as a knockout.

We hope to make you laugh. We hope to have fun.



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