Can You Hear the Difference Between a Cheap and Expensive Flute?

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We're excited to be at Twigg Musique in Montreal to play some flute music and try out four flutes for you in this flute vs flute SHOWDOWN! Cheap VS Expensive! Find this channel useful? Consider joining our PATREON

This was super fun to do and the people at Twigg Musique were so nice to let us try these great flutes. Be sure if you're buying a flute to check out (USA and Worldwide) SPECIAL CODE AT CHECK OUT "TFC" and Twigg Musique (Canada) From beginner flutes all the way to the most professional flutes you can find in the world today!

Watch our Piccolo version the ultimate test for band geeks:

Look down below for more details!

Also if your looking for a new flute or piccolo please consider using FCNY at use the SPECIAL code "TFC" at check-out to get special perks like:

1. Free shipping
2. 10-day trial
3. 18-month instead of 12 month warranty (new flutes)
4. Try 3 instruments per trial

Be sure to contact for all the info.

Using the code helps us make even more great content and help all our community!

Be sure to like and comment if you want us to review other flutes or piccolos!

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