A day in the life of an Oxford physics student

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Everything that happened to me on Thursday of 5th week, Michaelmas term 2012. Whilst this was a fairly typical day it by no means represents every day in my university life! Each day varies so much that it would be impossible to do justice to what it's like to study here, but that's just a limitation of the format that you'll have to accept here.

If you are interested in support available in making an application to Oxbridge, here are some links that you may find useful. I have nothing to do with either of these organisations, for full disclosure.

I am Simon, a fourth year physics student at St. Peter's College, University of Oxford. I try my best to help applicants to Oxbridge with answers from the other side of the fence and, where possible, make videos that people will find useful.


Opinions presented are my own and not necessarily those of my college or university. And before anyone asks, no I'm not being sponsored by Red Bull (though I'd be open to offers).

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