Learn to Sew Part 1

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Learn to Sew truly lives up to its title. As well as the projects and techniques demonstrated, it’s packed with Wendy Gardiner’s handy hints, tips and how-to’s, enabling you to tackle your sewing projects with real confidence.

Section 1 - Get Started
Wendy discusses choosing a sewing machine, talks about the must-have haberdashery that you will need, as well as those extra items that will make your sewing much easier, and goes on to demonstrate the basics of getting started with your sewing machine.

Section 2 - Creative Customising
A great way to begin sewing is to try adding detail and embellishments to existing items. You’ll discover that you can quickly and easily give inexpensive shop-bought items a glamorous and luxury look by adding your own trims, decorative stitches, couching and contrast panels.

Section 3 - Beautiful Bags
Bags are great projects for those developing their skills. They can be quick and easy to complete, but in making them you’ll learn techniques that will be so useful in the future - and you’ll end up with attractive and really useful items! Techniques shown include stitch-and-flip on a lovely little make-up bag and using the disappearing nine-patch on a handy tote bag.

Section 4 - Gardeners Corner
The projects in Gardener’s Corner include an apron, a seed caddy and useful kneeling mat. Along the way Wendy demonstrates using interfacing, making ribbon ties, mitreing pocket corners, sewing with plastic fabrics and lots more useful techniques.

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