[3DS]The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D[Part 3] Water Temple & more! Live Stream archive

17 Apr 2018 04:02:14 3
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Hey guys! welcome to my stream, I hope you have a great time and enjoy! If you are new to my channel please do subscribe! Thanks for being awesome and please be respectful of everyone in the chat! CHAT RULES ARE BELOW! Read them and FOLLOW them or be banned. This is supposed to be a fun place for everyone. Also my Schedule is down below as well so please give that look so you can see what times I stream!
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if you do leave a donation message I will gladly read it out on the stream!
Please do not feel obligated to donate at all I just enjoy hanging out with you guys and having fun, just sit back and enjoy the stream! Thanks a ton everyone!
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Join my Discord to keep in touch: https://discord.gg/c8rDYQM
These are the days I tend to stream and the times I stream at. You can catch me at the follow times below.
▶▶Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 2:00/3:00 PM central standard time to around 6:00-7:00PM central
▶▶Saturday: 10:00/11:00 AM central standard time to 5:00-7:00 PM Central time
▶▶Wednesday and Thursday,Sunday: Days Off
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▶Please be nice and respectful to everyone in the chat.
▶No Racist or hate speech comments allowed.
▶No self-aggrandizing;comments about your own play through are fine if they are actually related to the video and not condescending.
▶Please do not spoil the game for the viewers OR the streamer
▶Please welcome any new and returning viewers
▶Be NICE to each other, the mods, and the streamer
▶Do NOT spam the chat
▶Do NOT be insensitive towards others
▶Do Not CREEP on other users in the chat
▶Do not be an annoyance
▶Do NOT BACKSEAT GAME(telling me how I should play) unless I ask for help specifically
▶No politics, no political talk, please keep that stuff out of my chat and my streams.
▶Have fun and be awesome!

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