02 Dec 2016 00:08 1
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Aspen having a nice stretch after her nap lol.
She is doing really well. She is still on stall rest for another 5 months with hand walking 4 times a day. She's a bit excited during the walks and likes to hop around a bit- but thats understandable considering how bored she must be! I'll have to get it on video some time

Now that I'm not riding every day , my back seems to be doing a lot better. Maybe thats a sign that I really shouldn't be riding but since when has that stopped me?? Lol. So anyway, since I'm not dying of pain now, I've decided to start lessons again. I'm not going back to the barn with Boca however as I felt the coach was charging too much and didn't know enough - seriously, she didn't correct me on a single thing, I basically was paying her to watch me ride. Definitely not worth the money no matter how much I liked the coach.
Instead I'm trying out another barn near me with an Olympic coach. Super nervous but really excited !! I hope my back holds up because this coach will teach me SO much as long as I can stick with it physically !

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