Abstracts for Dummies: How to START an Abstract painting

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Basic painting techniques: How to start and abstract painting.
PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE FINISHED PRODUCT. THIS IS ONLY AN EASY WAY TO START FOR PEOPLE THAT DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. After the start it would be expected to continue working on the painting until you get a satisfying result.

For examples of FINISHED ABSTRACT ART: go to www.lifeart.co.za

LifeART Studio: A demonstration by South African Artist Leonie.e.Brown

Description: Basic painting techniques: How to start and abstract painting

Leonie is a full-time artist that also enjoys teaching.
For regular teaching videos and uploads go to: http://lifeartschool.blogspot.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LifeArtSCHOOLstudio

Leonie has taken part and either been placed or won some of the most prestigious awards for Fine Art in South Africa, which includes the following:
Gregoire Boonzaaier Art Bursary, First prize, 1985. Potchefstroom Talent Festival: First prize, 1986. Schweikcherd Art Bursary for Painting. Winner of Volkskas National Fine Art Competition. Placement and First Prize in Fine Art Category, 1986. Rolfes Impressions. Placement in top 10 nationally. Total Exhibition for Young Artists.
As is often the case, such esteemed accolades can exert a substantial amount of pressure on a young artist, and for Leonie it was no different. A time of intense introspection followed, resulting in a clean break from painting for a period of ten years. With the dawn of the new millennium, however, she returned with new vigour to her canvasses and brushes, and within a short period of time her renewed application and enthusiasm has enabled her to devote herself entirely to her unique brand of Art. As a result, she has been painting full-time since 2002.
· Read more: http://www.lifeart.co.za
· For more info on Leonie's classes and yearly workshops: http://lifeartschool.blogspot.com/

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