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In today’s video, Henry breaks down the in depth process of cleaning the wheels on this Lexus. Utilizing the cleaning power of DeCon Pro Iron Remover to lift stubborn brake dust from the surface of the wheel reveals a fresh new look. Watch the color changing reaction as DeCon bonds with corrosive contaminants and carries it from the surface. Pair this Diablo Wheel Gel to suspend abrasive particles of road debris and filth with awesome foaming action. This non-caustic formula is perfect weekly maintenance washes. Use this to also remove old tire dressings to unveil the natural rubber which will be more accommodating to a fresh coat of your favorite dressing. Water-based dressings such as V.R.P. leave the surface dry-to-the touch with a natural gloss. Revive and maintain a like new look on interior and exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastic components.

πŸ”Ί Products Used in Today's Video πŸ”»
➜ DeCon Pro Iron Remover:

➜ All In The Details Set:

➜ Red Rocket Wheel Brush:

➜ Gray Flagged Tip Brush:

➜ Diablo Wheel Cleaner:

➜ V.R.P. Dressing & Protectant:

➜ Max Coat Protectant:

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