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The main purpose of the Mélange Fashion Show is to celebrate diversity in the fashion industry. Mélange aims to empower our community members to participate in the changing perception of health and beauty by embracing models of all ethnicities, shapes and sizes, as well as designers from diverse backgrounds. . The show is divided into three scenes (Genesis, Annihilation & Resurrection). It features an original love narrative of two female protagonists, Angelica and Soledad, who bring each other to the near point of destruction, but are subsequently united through love and harmony. The two characters represent different energies of the universe—this allegory serves to support Mélange's mission of understanding individuals from diverse backgrounds. Throughout the story, Korean drumming, Bhangra, Hip Hop, and more will be showcased. Over 15 designers will be featured from around the world, ranging from international designers to local talent in San Francisco. This story line and medley of artistic mediums flawlessly tie together and transition into runway segments of incredible clothing, creating a new genre of entertainment, coined the "Cirque du Soleil of Fashion."

The following 18 designers will be showcased:

Carmen Chen Wu (NYC)

Avni Fashion (Boston)

Alley Collection (SF)

Alexia Ulibarri (Mexico)

Cristina Ribeiro (Brazil)

Amelia Walsh (Arizona)

Prajje 1983 (NYC)

Sherise Eways (SF)

Dahae Elyse Kim (SF/Korea)

Rock Chiq (SF/India)

Igor Galas (Croatia)

Hayley Lai (UK)

Suzaan Heyns (South Africa)

Kajan Padraig (SF)

Debbie Nghiem (SF/Vietnam)

Grace Lillian Lee (Australia)

Lorian Lindsay (SF)

Nicole Miller (NYC)

Sat, august 6th, 2011

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