IEEE ICC 2018 // Keynote: Thyaga Nandagopal, Powering R&d In Wireless Systems For The Next Decade

14 Jun 2018 30:42 0
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Powering R&d In Wireless Systems For The Next Decade: Platforms For Advanced Wireless Research

Deputy Division Director, NSF

Wireless communication networks and applications have evolved to become a vital part of the nation's economic growth, productivity, and safety. Citizenry of the future will use services enhanced by ubiquitous wireless technologies enabling first responders and surgeons to share real-time data during emergencies, entry-level workers to be trained via immersive, virtual reality systems, and drivers to benefit from semi- or fully-autonomous vehicles, to name just a few. To support this unparalleled growth in services, devices, and traffic, wireless speeds up to 100 times today's speeds and improvements in coverage, reliability, and latency will be required. Research to deliver such improvements has offered promising preliminary results in theory, simulations, and lab-scale prototypes of very small numbers of advanced wireless sites. However, due to a lack of appropriately-sized testbeds available to the academic research community and industry, it has been challenging to test these preliminary results at scale.

In order to meet this challenge, the National Science Foundation, in collaboration with the 28-member PAWR Industry Consortium, has formed a public-private partnership to support creation of four city-scale, outdoor, experimental platforms for advancing fundamental wireless research. These research platforms will be open and accessible remotely to a diverse set of academic and industry researchers, helping to accelerate technology transfer from academia to industry. They are also expected to bring new economic development and educational opportunities to their surrounding communities. This talk will cover the program and provide a preview of the key research outcomes that are expected from early deployments of these platforms.

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