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31 Mar 2018 01:52 9
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Felt like I had to say something beyond just replying to you guys in the comments. Completely blown away by the response to the League video. Thank you all so very much.

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You're still reading? Alright, well, here's the history behind that video. I quit League about a week and a half ago but wasn't ever able to explain why, so I wrote a script on how much I hate League. I recorded it, started editing, and about halfway through I realised how whiny I sounded. In reality, I was just complaining about random shit that pissed me off without any actual substance or reason. I scrapped that video and tried to write again.

The second script I wrote was more general and was about why I dislike competitive games in general. This one was less whiny but highly hypocritical. As much as I dislike League, I still enjoy the occasional game of Overwatch or CS:GO, both of which are very competitive in nature. For that reason, I scrapped the video and tried a third time.

The third script is what you guys found here, where I was trying to find the "why?" behind my leaving the game behind along with a few other content creators whom I had heard had chosen to move away from it. I liked how the script turned out because it had some heart to it, it wasn't too whiny, and it actually gave a reason as to why I chose to leave League instead of just "the community and all of these mechanics in the game are bullshit." I figured that making that kind of argument (arguing against game mechanics and community) was like complaining about spike traps in Super Mario Maker. Sure, the community of Mario Maker can intentionally put in near-impossible jumps in their levels to fuck with you, but in the end it's just a game mechanic, not something that needs to be fixed or removed.

That's all I have to say really. The video says it for me, but I cannot thank you all enough.

- Fox

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