Men of War: Vietnam | Cheats mod

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Cheat Enable mod ported to MoW:Vietnam
Download from my Website (this one has quicker updates):

Download from ModDB (moddb needs to aprove every update):

You need atleast Patch #2 to get mod and GEM editor support
Patch #1:
Patch #2:
Patch #3:
Install patch 1 first before installing patch 2


Q: Where to install it?
A: You should have some knowlegde to find this out.
Common folders are:
Drive:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\men of war vietnam\
Drive:\Program Files (x86)\NAME OF PUBLISHER\Men of war vietnam\

Drive is commonly known as C:\ or D:\
NAME OF PULISHER can be found on your cover.

Q: I am getting a waypoint error and the game crashes!
A: Start game, disable the mod, then enable the mod.

Q: The game crashed when I activated the mod ingame!?!
A: Just start the game again ;)

Q: I activated the mod, without errors, but I can't see any cheats?
A: The mod contains an edited mission file, therefore: You should either start a new mission or restart the loaded mission!

Q: I don't like the mod! I want my money back
A: You probably got on a wrong rip-off site that made you pay for it!
All the work I make for games, are completely free! And I do this for you! I love to make mods and hacks.

Q: I want more spawns to spawn, MOAR TANKS!?!
A: This mod is more based on cheats, to make things more fun. Do what the game was not meant to do!
I've included tanks and infantry to easily create a big battle

Q: You are lazy, make more tank spawns!
A: That is not even a question! but like I said, this mod is based on regular cheats that you have in game, like GTA. In GTA you can only spawn like 4 vehicles. The cheats were not meant to be an lazy gamer, but to make more fun, like higher jumping!

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