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24 Nov 2016 12:21 7
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Ulick encountered personal tragedy in his life and looked toward his own research of survivors of WW2 with reflection and learned how to use their skills of mental and physical survival for his own problems.

Ulick expertly takes through his research which he has narrowed down to essential points that can be applied to anyone overcoming any strain in their lives.

Ulick Stafford PhD is a father, writer and inventor. Ulick was educated in chemical engineering at University College Dublin and University of Notre Dame. Ulick has worked as a researcher and manager in medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Dr Stafford has written many patents and research papers. Ulick is an experienced public speaker and long-time member of Toastmasters International. Ulick has earned the Distinguished Toastmaster Award. Using the nom de plume George Nicholas he wrote Survive your camp based on the application of lessons learned by concentration camp survivors after using the techniques to cope with problems in his own life. He also wrote Improve your Life, a book summarising three motivational classics. In his spare time Ulick grows grapes and makes wine and beer. Ulick also contributes to the debate on global warming. He has written blog articles, newspaper letters, filmed YouTube videos and contributed to radio and public-meeting discussions of the issue.

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