ETCG 'Almost' Interview with Dave Kindig and His '67 Camaro

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I had the unique privilege of having a front row seat to the parade of cars leaving the SEMA 2016 show. I also had the ability to call out some of the cars to do quick interviews.

I was excited to see Dave Kindig in his '67 Camaro that I had seen on the SEMA show floor earlier in the week, so I asked him to pull over and he did. He was kind enough to grant me a great interview. Trouble was, I guess I didn't hit the record button on the camera till the very end.

You had one job Eric!!

I might have screwed that part up, but I did get some great footage of the car. I think Dave would approve of that since his vision speaks for itself. It's even more stunning in person. These cars weren't this good when they were new. Not even close.

This car will be featured in an upcoming episode of 'Bitchn' Rides'. Link above if you want to check that out.

Thanks again for your time Dave. I hope I'm able to make it to your shop in Salt Lake City UT sometime. If I do an interview or take a selfie, I'll be sure the camera is recording.

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