World of Warcraft - Legion Class Order Halls - A Truth Rage Discussion

14 Apr 2016 15:49 21
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A rather heated and passionate discussion and commentary about Class Order Halls in the upcoming WOW xpac Legion. Is Blizzard in the process of making a huge mistake by simply using the "beloved (insert" Garrison Missions in Legion. Granted, Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor happened to be a major feature in WOD. Somewhat different in Legion, the Mission tables or the mechanism of them from WOD is more of a small part of a greater whole. The bottom line, I think Blizzard really needed to stir clear or any semblance of any aspect of Garrisons and especially of the Facebook Game no one loves - Mission Tables. What are your thoughts?

Class Order Halls are a brand new feature in World of Warcraft: Legion. Their purpose and main focus circles around the goal of improving and re-defining class identity. Each of the 12 classes in World of Warcraft will possess their own Class Order Hall, including the new hero class, the demon hunter.

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