One-man Mast Deployment

18 Jan 2014 04:49 3
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A short demonstration video to deploying a telescoping mast with guy lines by a single person. Guy lines are pre-cut and adjustable. This mast is good for an inverted-V type wire antenna. It's not ideal but for a quick emergency set up, it does perform well. My longest contact with this type of set up was over 1700 miles with 75 watts on the 40 meter band. The antenna is a random wire length doublet and was made with 18ga speaker wire with clear poly insulation purchased at a discount department store. The antenna was attached to the radio via an LDG 4:1 voltage balun. For an emergency station, this does work quite well with the built-in tuner on my Kenwood TS-450S/AT from 80-10 meters.

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