Why Do We Go Bald? / What Causes Hair Loss? DEBUNKED

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We take a comprehensive look at the causes of hair loss, and explore the misconceptions behind one of modern man’s daily worries.

Do you inherit it from your mother? Does stress make your hair fall out? Can too much testosterone and even too much sex make you go bald? Join us as we quash some of the biggest myths, and investigate what can be done to save your prized locks!

Stu K - Researcher | Writer | Producer | Illustrator | Animator | Editor | Presenter
Robin B - Guest VO
Julia C - Guest VO
Jamie M - Guest VO
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Links to studies:
-Hair Shaft Damage from Heat and Drying Time of Hair Dryer

-Study of 52,000 men uncovers the genetics underlying male pattern baldness

-Finasteride and sexual side effects

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