Meditation for Mind Blowing Sex | Emily Fletcher

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Did you know that meditation is closely linked to achieving pleasure in sex? Today Emily Fletcher reveals that one of the benefits of meditation is feeling happiness in your relationships.

In this video, “Meditation for Mind Blowing Sex,” Emily Fletcher informs us when we practice meditation, we relieve stress and provides fulfillment in your relationships.

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Emily Fletcher is one of the world’s leading experts in Vedic Meditation and the founder of Ziva Meditation, offering live courses to all levels of meditators in NYC and LA. She is also the creator of zivaMIND the world’s first online meditation training and has appeared on Pedram Shojai’s podcast The Urban Monk.

Emily recently taught at Google and will be featured on Google Talks with Ariana Huffington and Russell Simmons. She has been invited to be a guest teacher at Summit Series, Relativity Media, The Omega Institute with Jon Gabriel and the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment with Eckhart Tolle.

In this TED Talk on relationships, “Meditation for Mind Blowing Sex,” Emily Fletcher says you relieve stress and feel pleasure when you experience orgasms through your senses.

01:17 Two types of Meditation
02:48 The purpose of a Successful Relationship
05:33 Stress - The thing that robbing us from our full capabilities
7810:06 Increasing “Mirror Neuron” by meditation for better relationships
11:31 On stage meditation practice

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Not only is Emily Fletcher an author and motivational speaker, but her work as a meditation guru, has helped thousands of couples improve orgasms through ZIva meditation, guided in her Youtube and live classes.

By practicing ZIva meditation, Emily Fletcher informs us the many benefits of meditation can improve pleasure and create fulfillment in your sex life.

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